Nicole. New Englander born and raised. Nursing major. College football lover. Love God, sweet tea and the SEC.

Anonymously tell me what you think of me. Don’t sugarcoat it. I am just genuinely intrigued.

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Taylor Swift White Horse (Grey's Anatomy Version)
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Excuse me while I destroy a fifth of crown.

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I went out and bought a brand new outfit for date night tonight to wear with the wedges that Andrew has been begging me to wear. I was so beyond excited to share something that I love with all of my heart (LSU football) with him and then he bailed yet again because of work. I didn’t ask him to watch the game–I didn’t even bring it up. He did. He said he wanted to watch the game with me, to take time out of work, to take me out to dinner and watch me cheer on my team. And then he bailed. I’m honestly so beyond disappointed. When exactly do I get to come before work because up until know, I’ve come second, every time.

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Jojo Leave Get Out (Album Version)
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I’m so frustrated. Andrew bailed on watching the game with me tonight because of work, yet again.

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Dear football gods,

Please let West Virginia beat Alabama. Thanks.

(p.s. Buck fama)

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Someone keep me awake at work. Pretty please?

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I just need to crawl under a rock for 24 hours and forget the world exists.

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Who’s awake?

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In other news, I ordered a brand new pair of glasses.

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I still can’t believe I accidentally dropped the “L” when I left Andrew’s yesterday. Granted, I texted him the minute I got to my car and asked if we could pretend like that didn’t happen and blame it on the wine but I actually did mean it. I’m worried about going out with him Saturday night and drinking because it will probably slip out again and it’s WAY too early to say it.

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