Nicole. New Englander born and raised. Nursing major. College football lover. Love God, sweet tea and the SEC.

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Saw Andrew last night and he acknowledged the fact that he needs to do better when it comes to our relationship but I’ve heard that before. I’m hoping there are actually some changes. He also said that I was his rock which was nice to hear.

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When a boy tells you he loves you, doubt him. Narrow your eyes and look at him with suspicion. Stop talking to him for three days and stop answering his texts. See if he grows tired of you. Or bored. If you find him making a phone out of tin cans and string, that means he’s trying.

On your first date, wear a lace bra and see-through shirt and see if he treats you like a body instead of a person. See if he can even look you in the eyes. See if he talks more than he listens.

Take him to a bar and watch what he does when he thinks you aren’t looking. See if his eyes undress every saint and sinner in the room.

See how patient he is. Use your lips and your hips and your hands. Bring him within an inch of lust and take it away. See how he responds.

When a boy tells you he loves you, ask him how much. If he tells you in texts of size 12-point font, ask him to tell you again in person because you’ll want to remember this moment. You’ll want to know how his voice falters and shakes, how he fumbles for words. You’ll want to remember the exact rhythm of his heaving chest when he tries to explain that pieces of you have made a home in his lungs.

And so if he arrives at your door, and throws the words in your face, deadpan, you’ll know that not even God could bring them back to life.


"When a Boy Tells You He Loves You" (via lamegrownup)

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